Digital agency service for a freelancer's cost.

Meet BlackBird. 

Stacey Zur created BlackBird, a content, SEO and website consulting service located in Northeast Ohio, so that organizations can have:

  • A consultant who specializes in client relationships.
  • A consultant who understands and appreciates the effectiveness of transparent and timely communication.
  • One who recognizes that the client must come first, and that listening to the problem before suggesting a solution is usually a good idea. 

Services include:

  • Content marketing and reorganization
  • Vendor and staffing consultation 
  • Website development and ongoing management
  • SEO strategy and implementation 

Relationships are key.

With over 18 years of successful client relationship management, BlackBird brings strategic interactive marketing campaigns to the table for her clients. Her clients include healthcare, B2B and consumer services. 

Her deep knowledge of how digital marketing initiatives are implemented, and what it takes to ensure her clients remain on budget and on schedule, are an asset to any team or vendor relationship. 

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